NY Fed | Overnight Bank Funding Rate http://newyorkfed.org/rss/index.html The overnight bank funding rate (OBFR) is an interest rate at which U.S.-based banks borrow overnight unsecured U.S. dollars. The rate includes both federal funds transactions and Eurodollar transactions borrowed through international banking facilities and the offshore Caribbean branches that are managed by U.S. banking offices. Federal Reserve Bank of New York https://apps.newyorkfed.org:443/en/markets/autorates/obfr US: 2.19 Overnight Bank Funding Rate 2018-12-17 NYFed daily Overnight Bank Funding Rate https://apps.newyorkfed.org:443/en/markets/autorates/obfr daily Overnight Bank Funding Rate for 12/17 is 2.19 2018-12-18T08:59:03-05:00 en US NYFed 2.19 daily overnight bank funding